Thursday, January 5, 2012


Welcome to United Nectar's web site.

United Nectar, LLC is an urban apiary owned and managed by Jacquelynn Goessling.  Ample beeyard help and endless encouragement is supplied by my husband, Ted, and my sons, Louis and Thành.  

I started keeping bees in 2007, with one hive in the back yard of my south Minneapolis home.  In 2008 I installed another 11 hives in Minneapolis back yards, those of my "Hive Hosts".  Some Hive Hosts are looking to help the bees, some enjoy greater garden pollination/production from their presence and some are eager to learn about beekeeping.  All are paid a portion of the year's production of 100% raw honey.

Two honey bees on a squash leaf
(Zimmerperson Hive)

I also keep some bees in far SE Minnesota, ten miles south of the hamlet of Brownsville. These rural bees feed mostly on alfalfa, wild flowers, the blossoms of hard wood trees like Shagbark Hickory, White Oak and Walnut and aquatic plants along the Mississippi. You can check out that apiary at

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