Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gardening Matters!

My friend Amie and I signed up this year to be part of Gardening Matters Local Food Resource Hubs network. Today we went to Powderhorn Park (a stone's throw from the Dalal-Whelan hive!) and picked up our garden seeds and some seedlings.  

It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone was very excited about getting into the dirt.  We picked up packets for reporting our production back to Gardening Matters for them to track, which should  be fun and a reason to stay on track.

On our way out we stood by one of the big blooming crab apple trees, which was a hub of activity, no pun intended.  There were tiny pollinators, butterflies, Bumble bees and even honey bees at work collecting the goods!

If you don't know about Gardening Matters, you should check them out.   

According to the web site:

Gardening Matters is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting and preserving community gardening across the Twin Cities by connecting gardeners to each other and to the communities in which they reside. We provide training and resources to support community gardeners in achieving community gardens that are successful and sustainable.

We do this by  connecting gardeners to each other (no better resource than each other!) by hosting the community gardener listserv (COMGAR) where gardeners share opportunities and advice. And sharing information about the region's wealth of community gardens through our online map.

The Local Food Resource Hubs network  supports residents to grow their own fresh produce, helping to ensure greater food security and healthy food access.  They distribute seeds and seedlings, teach classes on gardening, processing and storing food and connect like-minded folks seeking a safer, sustainable food system.

Today I sent a message to COMGAR, the Community Garden listserv, asking for interested parties to consider the Hive Host program.  I'm hoping to connect with Community Gardens and individuals because I have eight more hives to place, hopefully in south Minneapolis.

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  1. I live on 20+ rural acres in northern Washington County. I have begun a long range plan of planting native wild flowers and general praire restoration (as well as wetland preservation) on parts of the parcel. I heard about your blog through the MASTGAR list serve and am interested in becoming a Hive Host. Could you provide me with some more information resources?

    Christopher Johnson
    Master Gardener Intern
    University of Minnesota Ext.
    Scandia, Washington Co, MN