Saturday, April 14, 2012

Orientation Flights

What a day to be a bee!  The sun was out and there was nearly no wind and the temperature hit the 70s F.  There must be brood hatching in the white hive in the backyard because there was a sudden flurry of orientation flights about 2:30 PM which was quite a sight!

The pear and cherry trees are still blooming, but they are nearly finished.  Hopefully a day like today affords the bees plenty of time to pollinate to make up for chilly, damp weather we've been having on and off all week.

On our bike ride to the Birchwood Cafe (one block from the Konar-Steenberg hive!) Louis fell over on his bike and hit his arm on the sidewalk.  Teacup fracture of the humerus; two weeks in a sling.  I guess he won't be helping me with hive divides.  ;)

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