Thursday, April 5, 2012

Plenty of Food

The weather this year is perplexing to nearly everyone.   One day it is 65 F and sunny and the bees are coming and going laden with pollen and nectar and the next day it is under 40 F and not one bee is out.  

I'm not worried about the colonies surviving anymore; there is no danger of the brood freezing now and the dandelions are out and the lilacs and tulips are blooming, but I worry a bit about the foragers getting out to bring in the available nectar.  In other words, I'm worrying about taking the bees being able to take advantage of everything that is  blooming so very early.

However, I am grateful for the relative lack of worry this spring.  Let's hope the fickle weather continues to treat the bees and the beekeepers well.

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